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In Need Of Some Motivation?

I can’t be bothered. We all feel this way at times and for a variety of often frustrating reasons. As Christmas approaches the urge to pack it all in and disappear under our bed sheets for hibernation grows larger than usual.

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Cold Hands Aren’t Just Because of Winter

It’s getting close to my favourite time of year. No, not Christmas (but I’m definitely no Scrooge) and not New Years either. Even though most of us can’t wait to see the back of 2020, the strange and terrible events of this year do not stop the changing of the seasons.

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Why Am I Always Tired?

Do you often feel wiped out before your day has even begun? Your alarm goes off and it feels like a knife cutting through your head. After successfully smashing the snooze button a number of times your eyes accustom to the reality of being once again conscious and it’s time to rise from your slumber and get started with your day. But there’s a catch.

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How Eating Chocolate Can Reduce Inflammation

Exercise and Chocolate. Although they seem to be on opposite ends of a spectrum, we have all linked them together more times than we would care to admit.  It’s like there’s a secret back door in our minds that links said spectrum together in a circle behind closed doors, which is where we eat most of our chocolate. Apart from being a delicious form of indulgence that we’ve earned after sweating our ass off in the gym, chocolate and exercise combine in a way that you might not have thought about and that could be very beneficial to your health.

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What Is Pea Protein?

Peas, peas, they’re good for your heart, the more you eat the more protein you get. Right? Well, I guess you could say that about about any vegetable. Even chomping your way through 17oz of broccoli will give you a healthy 20g of protein¹, but I’m yet to see a diet plan that recommends 8 servings of those tiny trees per day (roughly 3 whole heads).

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