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Performance Snacks for Athletes

"Mmm, light crunch...really chocolatey without being too sweet. Super good!"

Jack G. — Endurance Athlete

"I like the little crunchy bite-sized pieces. These are really hard to put down!"

Kelly Z. — Certified Massage Therapist

"The flavor is addicting and and the protein content is amazing."

Nick P. — Bodybuilder

"I like the satisfying crunch. I eat some for breakfast everyday — it's great fuel."

Randy G — Gym Owner

"They taste like healthy cocoa puffs covered in rich dark chocolate! These are seriously delicious."

Henry T — Certified Personal Trainer

GRIT Superfoods

You're an Achiever. Everything you do is done to achieve a purpose - to improve, to perform, to win. We make food with the same goal in mind, that's why our protein bites contain plant-based protein, superfoods & functional ingredients to help you become your best. GRIT — Nutrition for Achievers™

GRIT contains only natural ingredients and never chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients of any kind.