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Delicious and effective! "GRIT is a game changer! Delicious! Nutritious! And it works. I always feel great after eating it and really like the chocolate bites before a workout to get energized. The taste isn't too sweet or rich — there's just enough chocolate flavor with a tangy boost to round it out. It's super easy to eat, unlike sticky, dense protein bars and it's tastier than the sometimes powdery, sludgy protein drinks I've had. Couldn't recommend it highly enough. Thanks, GRIT!" - Nykki

Power Booster. "Working out used to be a drag! Not anymore! I started taking Grit Snacks a month ago. A handful of the chocolate before work out and a handful of the lemon after work out! I feel motivated to get my work out done and the adrenaline continues for me to have a healthy rest of the day! In addition to the healthy fats, proteins, and Vitamin D that I so badly need, yes! you can actually taste real chocolate and real lemon which makes it soooo good! And I also love the crunchy texture! Thank you, GRIT SNACKS!!!" Nora H.

Fantastic Healthy Snack. "GRIT is fantastic - once I start eating them it's hard to put them down. They make me feel great and are full of very high-quality ingredients. It's my go-to when I need to quickly bring food with me or after a workout. I've never had pea protein that tastes this good and I've tried a lot of things!" - Emily

GREAT CRUNCH!! "These bites are really unique! The flavor is dark chocolate but it's not bitter, it's rich and kind of tart in a good way. And the crunch is so good! Great product GRIT!" - Omar B

"I like the little crunchy bite-sized pieces. These are really hard to put down!" -Kelly Z,Certified Massage Therapist

"The flavor is addicting and the protein content is amazing." - Nick P, Bodybuilder

"I like the satisfying crunch. I eat some for breakfast everyday — it's great fuel." - Randy G, Gym Owner

"They taste like healthy cocoa puffs covered in rich dark chocolate! These are seriously delicious." - Henry T, Certified Personal Trainer

“My favourite Snack!” - @niksnutriton

"It's my pre-workout snack! On days I eat GRIT I feel like I have a full tank of energy reserves and I just cruise through my long runs." - Laura S.

"There's so much good stuff in these crunchy things. They keep me going all day." - Mallory G.

"GRIT and coffee is so good! It's my favorite combo!" - Kat M.