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Frequently Answered Questions

What is GRIT?

GRIT is a nutrient-rich snack made of chia and flax seeds, plant-based protein, natural superfoods, and science-backed ingredients. Each pouch of GRIT contains about 2 dozen bite-sized balls that are crunchy, delicious, and covered in chocolate we make from fresh Ecuadorian cacao.

Nothing tastes like GRIT - we promise!

What's so special about GRIT?

Want to eat something that improves your body? This is why GRIT was created and it's what we do - with plant-based protein, natural superfoods, and science-based ingredients.

Ever noticed that all protein bars contain more carbs than protein? Do a quick Google search and check for yourself - RXBAR nutrition facts. Disappointing isn't it? Protein bars are made with a '90s definition of nutrition... high levels of carbs and sugar, low levels of fat, and just other beneficial ingredients, no superfoods, nothing else there to enhance your body or the way you feel. Well, GRIT is the the nutrition snack of the decade. Healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and fats from flaxseed, natural superfoods, and organic compounds that are science-backed, safe, and effective.

What's the difference between the flavors of GRIT?

Each flavor of GRIT contains its own unique combination of superfoods and science-backed ingredients that cater to a specific purpose - Performance Chocolate™ contains ingredients that boost your energy, blood circulation, and physical endurance. Rejuvenation Lemon™ contains ingredients that decrease inflammation, rebuild your cartilage and other types of dense connective tissue, and support your body's immune system and collagen production.

Is GRIT plant-based?

Performance Chocolate™ is 100% vegan. Rejuvenation Lemon™ contains high-quality collagen from fish - all of its other ingredients are 100% vegan.

Is GRIT gluten free?


... and soy free?

Yep. GRIT is also 100% dairy-free, grain-free and low FODMAP.

Is GRIT keto friendly?

TL;DR - GRIT has 10g of net carbs - please be your own judge or consult a dietician.

GRIT is perfect for low carb diets. It's low in carbohydrates and sugar and provides your body with natural sources of fiber. But there's a stark difference between being low carb and truly going keto. If you're on keto, your carbohydrate goal is different than someone else's. GRIT has 10g of net carbs - for some keto dieters that's perfect; others should probably stick to half a pouch.

How much does shipping cost?

$4 per order. Or get free shipping when your order is over $60 or by subscribing to monthly deliveries of GRIT, coming soon.

Are there any discounts on GRIT?

You’ll get a unique referral code with every order. Share your code with 1 friend and you’ll both get a free $10 gift card code if they’ve never bought GRIT before or a $5 gift card code if they’re an existing customer. This means after your first order, you'll always have an easy way of saving money on every order of GRIT!