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Frequently Answered Questions

What is GRIT?

GRIT is a nutritious meal replacement made of plant-based protein, chia and flax seeds, nutrient-rich superfoods, and science-backed supplements.

Each bag of GRIT contains around 2 dozen bites that are baked until crunchy, and coated in our delicious chocolate or cocoa butter.

The natural, nutritious ingredients within GRIT provide its uniquely wholesome flavor!

Who is GRIT for?

GRIT is made for physically-active people looking to feed their bodies with helpful ingredients that improve their health and performance. We make food with ingredients that improve energy, focus, and endurance, help build muscle, strengthen joints, and reduce inflammation and joint pain.

You can learn about the benefit of each flavor's ingredients in the Active Ingredients section on our product pages or you can see a list of all of GRIT's ingredients on our Ingredients page.

What makes GRIT great for athletes?

GRIT makes supplements more convenient for athletes. These ingredients are generally only offered in capsules, pills, or powders. By incorporating these helpful ingredients into a meal replacement like GRIT, athlete's bodies are better able to absorb and harness the effects of each ingredient.

What's the difference between the flavors of GRIT?

Each flavor of GRIT contains its own unique combination of superfoods and science-backed ingredients aimed at a specific purpose. Performance Chocolate™ GRIT contains ingredients that boost your energy, blood circulation, and physical endurance. Rejuvenation Lemon™ GRIT contains ingredients that decrease inflammation, rebuild joint cartilage and other types of dense connective tissue, and support your body's immune system and collagen production.

Is GRIT plant-based?

Performance Chocolate™ is 100% vegan. Rejuvenation Lemon™ contains high-quality collagen from fish - all of its other ingredients are 100% vegan.

Is GRIT gluten free?


... and soy free?

Yep. GRIT is also 100% dairy-free, grain-free and low FODMAP.

Is GRIT keto friendly?

TL;DR - GRIT has 10g of net carbs - please be your own judge or consult a dietitian or nutritionist.

GRIT is perfect for low carb diets. It's low in carbohydrates and sugar and provides your body with natural sources of fiber. But there's a stark difference between being low carb and truly going keto. If you're on keto, your carbohydrate goal is different than someone else's. GRIT has 10g of net carbs - for some keto dieters that's perfect; others should probably stick to half a pouch.

How much does shipping cost?

$4 per order. Or get free shipping when your order is over $60 or by subscribing to monthly deliveries of GRIT, coming soon.