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GRIT's Mission

GRIT's Mission:

To improve human performance through food & science. To improve human performance through food & science.

I started GRIT Superfoods after working with athletes for 8 years. As a sports nutritionist, I saw firsthand that specific food ingredients and supplements allowed athletes to feel better, train harder, and make faster progress.

But asking athletes to combine beet juice, turmeric, and other supplement powders into their diet everyday is a tall order. It's not an easy habit to keep, even if you are seeing the difference they're making to your health and performance.

In 2017, I had the idea to use nutrition science to combine the benefits of nutritious superfoods, protein bars, and supplement powders into something that's tasty and convenient. Today, I'm using my passion and experience to make innovative food that solves issues for high achievers, athletes, and adventurers.

— Jabari Martin, GRIT Superfoods CEO

Jabari Martin, GRIT Superfoods' founder in the kitchen


Unlike other companies that make 'generally healthy' food for 'generally healthy people', we make purposeful food for people looking to improve everyday. Whatever it is that you do, we aim to help you do it better.

Truly Nutritious

We believe in making the most nutritious food possible. No matter which fad diets are hot, we believe in making food that's high in protein, beneficial micronutrients, and supplements that strengthen your body.


We choose ingredients based on the results of placebo-controlled, double-blind nutrition and pharmacology-related studies. Using science allows us to choose high-quality ingredients that make a real difference for your overall health, performance, and quality of life.

Always improving

Every champion knows: To be the best, you have to beat the best.

This means continually beating your best days and your best creations. GRIT distills the knowledge we've gained from over 5 years of researching nutrition, pharmacology, and sports performance. And we're continuing to upgrade our recipes as we encounter new scientific research. But we’re not making changes just for the sake of it — we’re making evolutionary changes that truly advance our mission of improving human performance through food and science.