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What Can I Eat Instead of a Protein Bar?

GRIT Performance Chocoalte Bites
Protein bar alternatives

Protein Bites
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GRIT Performance Protein Bites


Protein Bars

Protein bars are everywhere. We all know that if we want to take better care of our health it’s likely that we need to shift our diets towards more high protein foods and consume fewer carbs.

For most people, the first quick solution that presents itself is taking one of the many protein bars off of the shelves to increase their protein intake. However, this doesn’t always have the effect they intend.

Most protein bars actually contain carbohydrates in larger quantities than the protein they bought it for in the first place. So yes, you get more protein, but you also get even more carbs. When people realize this it often leads to the question “What can I eat instead of a protein bar?”

Protein bar alternatives

Many recommendations usually include food such as fruit, nuts, and veg. While finding protein sources from fresh foods is great, a lot of people simply want a high protein low-carb snack that they can easily grab on the go.

Protein Bites

Protein bites are made by thousands at home into little chewy energy balls that give them simple energy and protein from fresh sources. But what if you want something that requires no prep, is easy to grab on the go, and is not just another chewy protein snack?


GRIT Superfoods Performance Chocolate Bites on grey background with Chocolate

GRIT Superfoods

GRIT Superfoods make crunchy protein bites that are packed with protein and made in a unique way to any other protein snack product on the market.

GRIT Protein Density

GRIT’s protein bites have one of the highest protein densities out of any other protein snack product you’ll find. In one 60g serving of their Performance Chocolate Bites, you’ll find 23g of protein.

This means their protein bites are over 38% protein. When compared to other protein products such as Clif Bar (13%), RX Bar (23%), and Huel Bars (24%) you can see how much more protein you get with GRIT Superfoods.

100% Plant-Based 

As well as being packed with protein, their chocolate protein bites are 100% plant-based! They are also free from gluten and soy and low in sugar and carbs.

Superfood List

GRIT Superfoods gets its name because of the huge list of superfoods that they also include in their protein bites. Our top 10 superfoods from their ingredients include:

Superfood Supplements

Being packed with so many superfoods means that GRIT’s protein bites aren’t only good for a clean source of protein but also include essential vitamins and minerals to keep you energized and healthy. You can find their full list of hand-picked ingredients on their website.

Crunchy Protein Bites

Unlike most of the usual protein bars or protein bites that are sticky and cold-pressed in the same fashion, the first half of GRIT Superfoods’ name refers to the crunchy you get with their protein bites.

Many of their customers are surprised at the crunch but absolutely love it and find the little protein balls to be addictive and much more enjoyable to eat than the usual protein bars!
Man holding GRIT Performance Chocolate Bites with mountains in background

GRIT Performance Protein Bites

You can find GRIT’s Performance Chocolate Bites here. A fresh new high protein low-carb snack that will leave you feeling satisfied and healthy. The perfect protein bar alternative.