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7 Reasons Coffee Is Good For You

Which Type of Coffee Drinker Are You? When someone asks if you want a coffee, does your mind immediately jump to asking yourself whether you could do with the caffeine kick? Perhaps you’re part of the ‘no-sleep’ club who will always say yes to coffee regardless of the time of day. Or maybe you’ve unconsciously joined the club through your growing dependence on caffeine for your productivity and you’ve learned to live with the jitters because withdrawal symptoms are far less appealing.

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Why You Should Cultivate An Agile Mindset

“Our world is changing at 10x speed”¹ With headlines such as this coming from media all over the world it’s hard not to feel like there is constant pressure to keep up with the pace of change. But what can you really do to ensure you aren’t left behind?

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7 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is present in most people’s lives for one reason or another. Many of us use it in cooking recipes or, if your tastes are continentally inclined, you might enjoy soaking some fresh bread with it. Either way, I’m assuming you know what we’re talking about. I also assume that you know olive oil is made from olives.

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5 Reasons Why Turmeric Is An Ancient Superfood

Is Turmeric the best nutritional supplement ever? In our modern world we are constantly attacked by the mainstream media about how our health is in a terrible state and needs to be drastically addressed otherwise we’ll all become sedentary individuals with no ability to do anything for ourselves.

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3 Ways To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

New Year’s is a time for reflection. Not many of us will be looking back on the year that was 2020 with much positivity but taking the time to absorb and accept what transpired over the last 365 days is important for facing the next year head on. You can find a quote to support your view whether you think mulling over the past is a advisable or not, but the reason I recommend spending a short time doing so is so that you can accept where you are now.

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