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Rejuvenation Lemon Bites
Rejuvenation Lemon Bites
Rejuvenation Lemon Bites
Rejuvenation Lemon Bites
Rejuvenation Lemon Bites
Rejuvenation Lemon Bites
Rejuvenation Lemon Bites

Rejuvenation Lemon Bites

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A rejuvenating combination of lemon, collagen, turmeric, vitamin C, and iron to boost your immunity and strengthen your joints.

26g of Protein
200% Daily Value
in Vitamin C
Low in Carbs
& Sugar
Immunity Support
Healthy Joints
No Gluten

No Soy
Rich in Vitamins
& Minerals

Achy Joints?

You care for your muscles... but to avoid pain and injury, you have to care for your joints too!

Benefits of GRIT Rejuvenation Bites:
  • Strengthen your muscles and your joints
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Support strong cartilage growth

These delicious, crunchy bites are developed with clinical doses of joint-strengthening supplements, herbs, and vitamins. Each serving contains 26g of protein, including 3g of collagen. They’re free of gluten and soy while being low in sugar and carbs. Eating Rejuvenation GRIT is the perfect way for athletes to recover after a hard workout, long run, or anytime you're hungry for protein-dense, vitamin-rich, anti-inflammatory food. Great for high protein, keto, vertical, paleo, and low-carb diets.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Rejuvenation GRIT Nutrition Facts 

26 grams

16 vitamins
& minerals

Rejuvenation GRIT Ingredients

Modern nutrition

Have you noticed that most snacks contain more carbs than protein? It's an outdated version of nutrition and it's what makes many of us feel lethargic after eating.

GRIT Rejuvenation Bites™ take a modern approach to nutrition by powering your body with essential micronutrients and balanced macros for gaining strength. More protein, more micronutrients, more healthy fats, and less carbs.

This is part of the formula to reducing inflammation and strengthening your muscles and joints so you can focus less on your joint pain and more on your life!

Protein density

Allergens Report

No GlutenConfirmedNo gluten-related digestion issues or fatigue.
No SoyConfirmedNo soy-related estrogen issues.
No DairyConfirmedNo dairy-related digestion or skin issues.


How much GRIT should I eat?

Our bags are resealable so you can eat as much or as little as you want. Don't want to eat 280 calories at once? Then save some for later!

Have a whole bag as a nutritious meal replacement, eat a handful or two before a workout to satisfy you without feeling heavy, or snack on some afterwards as an anti-inflammatory recovery snack.

What do GRIT Rejuvenation Lemon™ Bites taste like?

Each GRIT bite is nearly the size of a peanut M&M and is enriched with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. They're baked until crunchy then lightly coated in our nutritious, naturally lemon-flavored cocoa butter.

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