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Performance Chocolate Bites

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A delicious combination of chocolate, superfoods, and organic compounds to boost your energy and endurance.


"It's my pre-workout snack! On days I eat GRIT I feel like I have a full tank of energy reserves and I just cruise through my long runs." - Laura S.

"There's so much good stuff in these crunchy things. They keep me going all day." - Mallory G.

"GRIT and coffee is so good! It's my favorite combo!" - Kat M.

Modern nutrition

Ever noticed that most snacks contain more carbs than protein? ... even protein bars! It's an outdated version of nutrition and it's nonsense.

GRIT Performance Bites take a modern approach to nutrition by giving you more protein, more healthy fats, and less carbs.

Protein density

What's inside?

Healthy Fats

...from extra virgin olive oil, chia, and flax seeds.

Amino Acids

...including citrulline, beta alanine, and taurine.

Roasted Cacao Beans






GRIT contains only natural ingredients and never chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients of any kind.